On My Easel - The Count Pt.2

Ok I really lagged on this step by step. I was tied up with a few things and had to rush.  Anyway, Here’s the finished product.  The Count Cool Rider in full Dracula steez. One of the little cool bits of this one you’ll have to check out is how I stuck his “Count’s Kustoms” logo on top of the tombstone, but instead of putting the regular lettering, I found a vampire alphabet on Google, so I used that coded font instead. I always like putting little hidden things in my art that anyone interested would have to figure out.  Today I was in Las Vegas and had a beer in “Vamps”, that is, The Count’s new rock bar off Sahara Blvd. Really cool spot inside and out. (A lil pricey, but hey that’s Vegas in general). But the decor was fuckin’ awesome and really dark.  Part B of my Vegas visit today is I went over to the Pawn Stars Pawn Shop to give first dibs on my Pawn of the Dead painting below cuz I have a month-long Art exhibit all of October at the Arts Factory in Vegas where both of these pieces will be featured.  Actually last week, Corey and the Old Man from Pawn Stars retweeted it on twitter to all their followers and it started spreading like wildfire.  Got a bunch of new followers from them. So anyway, The Harrisons and ChumLee weren’t there, of course (TV lies to me? ha…DUH) soI had a younger guy help me that was really cool, he said the guys would love the painting and kept saying how awesome it was and I mentioned they already obviously liked it on Twitter, So then he goes to grab his manager dude to show him and the guy says if they buy it, the guys would just hang it in their office or at home (Again, DUH, that’s the point) and they only buy stuff they can sell. Whatevs. So I told younger guy take a picture of it and here’s my business card if they change their mind or the guys want it, It’ll be on display at Hellpop! Gallery from Oct. 4 thru Halloween next month. They can buy it there.  Kind of a shame, cuz you know as well as I do if one of the cast were there they woulda bought it. The part that was awesome as fuck though, was the place was PACKED with tourists and as I made my way to the exit the whole place was stopping me and jocking it big time saying how sick it was, and the 2 prior worker dudes got to see that. You’re loss haha. So I’ll be starting something new pretty soon, haven’t decided what yet, so be sure to check back and VISIT MY OFFICIAL WEBSITE AT http://kingmikev.com  and if you’re in the Las Vegas area, come see my gallery show. Info and deatils on my website. Thanks for reading…until next time…

On My Easel - The Count Pt.1

This is gonna be for Danny Koker a.k.a. The Count from the “Counting Cars” TV show on the History Channel. Too early for any real commentary. Check back soon! and visit my official website at http://kingmikev.com

On My Easel Pt. 6

FINISHED!!! So for the background I ended up doing a little post-zombie-apocalypse montage of the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas, chock full of zombie tourists. You’ll notice some of the neon light structures from Binion’s Horseshoe and Fremont casinos, along with some of the Golden Nugget.  I’m really diggin’ the car hood “Pawn of the Dead”, I thought that came out great. For all you Romero fans out there, I added a little coded puzzle for the Nevada License plate: A2Z7118…. “A2Z” meaning Alpha-numeric code for 7=G, 1=A, 18=R….as in G.A.R., as in: Goerge A. Romero.  So I’m gonna email the show with a pic of this to try to pawn it back to them haha. If I can get on, don’t worry, I will promote the hell out of it believe me. If not, I’m still gonna take it to the shop and see if I can get one of them to by it…Halloween is coming…Also, I spoke to “The Count” Danny Koker from Counting Cars on Twitter, and I’m gonna whip him up a Dracula style painting as well to take down to his shop also…So next up: The Count - On My Easel. Hope you like and stay tuned for more horror art real soon.  Be sure to visit my Official Website at: www.KINGMIKEV.com

On My Easel Pt. 5

Here we go with my title: “Pawn of the Dead”…Imma hold off a few posts til I make a lot more progress so I have something to describe or write about…back soon!

On My Easel - Pt. 4

I cant wait to paint the hood of the Chevy….Next post

On My Easel - Pt. 3

Put in a bunch of work yesterday. Still working on the guys because I haven’t solidified any ideas on this background yet, but still debating a few. My next session, I’m gonna take a break from the zombies and get going on this Chevy…Stay tuned!

On My Easel - Pt. 2

Ok did a little bit more work on the zombie skin tones, getting that nice undead look. You can see who’s starting to become who. After I gave everyone a smooth foundation of grays, blues, pinks, and purples, I arbitrarily switched to Big Hoss, adding yellow and brown highlights. A lot of times I do different shades of skin tone on my zombies, and you’ll notice it varies from painting to painting, but on this piece I’m going for almost a “fish”-like tone, because even though I’m using a lot of different colors, when you add em all up together it gives a silvery-murky look. I’m still debating what’s going to be happening in the background, as I’m pretty much winging the ideas as it progresses. But I do have cool plans for the Chevy, a lot of little accents that are going to give the car a personality of it’s own…as if they have their own zombie-pawn mobile, think mystery machine. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! Be sure to check back for part 3 and visit my website http://kingmikev.com

On My Easel:

Whaddup Party People,

Since my Official Website http://kingmikev.com always features my completed paintings and artwork, I thought I would use my new tumblr blog here to let you all in on the actual creative process behind my art.  Sometimes my work is well thought out, while other pieces can start on a simple whim, which is the example in this case, just add alcohol and a kind strain.  Most of you would know I enjoy taking popular celebrities and painting them as a subject in terms of the “undead”, e.g. pop-zombies. Lately I also enjoy watching the Harrison family on TV’s “Pawn Stars”.  So I was recently asked “Hey, why don’t you paint them like you do, maybe you can get on the show with it”, well hey, that’s good enough for me to grab a paintbrush…However, I had to put a little twist on it, so here we go…Round 1…BobbleHead-Zombie-Pawn Stars…I already have the title in my head:  “Pawn of the Dead”….HA!..Stay tuned for Round 2

Under Construction…

under construction…..for now visit http://kingmikev.com